Welcome to the homepage of the Amnesty International group Haarlem (004) in the Netherlands. We are the oldest still existing group in the Netherlands. In 2016 we celebrated our fiftieth anniversary. At the moment we have approximately 75 active members.


Our working group is divided into 5 subgroups, which meet separately to discuss and plan their activities. Every 4 weeks we have a group meeting to co-ordinate all activities and to discuss matters of general interest. Below you will find a short description of each subgroup.

  1. The school group
  2. Writing group
  3. Action group
  4. Internet group
  5. Church group

The school group
This group provides information about Amnesty to primary and secondary schools. The group members regularly write to schools in Haarlem to offer lessons or to organize letter-writing sessions for students. 


Writing group
This group writes letters on various human rights issues in the southern part of Africa, the US, China and South East Asia . The actions are co-ordinated by the Dutch secretariat of Amnesty in Amsterdam.


Action group
Every 3 to 6 months the head office of Amnesty International in London organizes a world-wide campaign related to a certain country or subject.  The action group brings these campaigns to the attention of the general public in Haarlem. The group achieves this by organizing information booths, lectures, information and discussion meetings and demonstrations. The group also organizes the yearly torch procession for December 10th, the anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


Internet group

The internet subgroup maintains this website and our Facebook page. We use guidelines and templates from the internet group of Amnesty Netherlands. 

Church group

The subgroup Churches maintains contact with churches in Haarlem. About 3 times per year writing actions are handed out in the churches in co-operation with the organisation Kerk-In-Actie. Around Easter a greeting card action is held for prisoners in the Netherlands and abroad. In some churches we have an Amnesty information booth from time to time. 


See the agenda for an overview of the coming activities (in Dutch). Amnesty Netherlands also has several action networks. If you are interested subscribe on the website of Amnesty Netherlands.


Contact usTiny-Ribbens

If you want to contact us, please write or call:


Tiny Ribbens

Secretary Amnesty Haarlem

tel. +31(0)23-533 20 83

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Andries TielemanAndries-Tieleman

Chairman Amnesty Haarlem

tel. +31(0)23-531 03 30 or +31(0)6-509 707 69
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